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I became a grandfather a few year ago and I started to worry about genealogy in order to explain, one day, to my grand daughters that it took a lot of courage, tenacity and love, from an incredible number of people and for a very long time, to live on their turn, that they would know and that the earth was vast and that life was beautiful ...


This site would not have been possible without the help of many people including:

Ms. Halina Dobska, Ms. Augustine Sisenaud, Ms. Annete Clavel, Ms. Renée Simon, Ms. Janina Gaczyńska, Ms. Elżbieta Wichrzycka, Ms. Geneviève Brossard, Ms. Virginie Clavel, Ms. Martine Alcibiade ...

Let these people be all thanked for our children, our children's children, children of our children's children ...



Number of individuals: 4,063
Males: 2,073
Females: 1,989

Family Information

Number of families: 1,592
Unique surnames: 1,320

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Individuals with media objects: 325
Total number of media object references: 1,072
Number of unique media objects: 5,559
Total size of media objects: 633 Mbytes